TBT Token

TBT token is the primary medium of value circulation on the TBank digital cryptocurrency payment platform, offering users convenience in various ecosystem scenarios such as transaction fee deductions, application consumption, and wealth appreciation. Employing a deflationary model, TBT tokens are destroyed during transactions, thereby reducing the total supply.

Now, integrated with the TBTC smart trust protocol, users can participate in obtaining corresponding computing power output, further expanding the liquidity pool of decentralized exchanges and accelerating the buyback and destruction process. This approach significantly enhances the rapid deflation and value appreciation of TBT tokens. The ultimate goal is to reduce the TBT supply to 100,000 tokens, aiming to create substantial value growth for users and investors. Token Core Features

Decentralization : Leveraging advanced blockchain technology, TBT ensures transparency and fairness in every transaction.

Community Governance : Every TBT holder has the right to participate in the decision-making process of the project, truly achieving community-driven development.

Efficient Asset Allocation : Through smart contracts, TBT achieves efficient utilization and optimized distribution of funds.

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